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Our Team

Mike Semchism


In 1982 Mike joined his Dad (Peter) and brother (Jim) behind the dispensary at Ealing Pharmacy in London. As a pharmacist, he split his time between Ealing Pharmacy and a large chain drug store. With his dad's help and advice, he opened Greenhills Pharmacy in Lambeth in 1985. Mike has a wealth of pharmaceutical experience with interests in Diabetes and Older Adult Care.


  • CGP Preparation Certificate program
  • Diabetic Educator Certificate program

Heather Kirby


Heather's been a Pharmacist with Greenhill Pharmacy since 2014, and is a graduate of the Memorial University Pharmacy program in Newfoundland.

She's a tremendous supporter of the wholistic approach that Greenhills Pharmacy takes for the wellbeing of each customer. This includes a team approach to overall wellness, by providing and bringing in Diabetes Educators to Nutritional Counselling, Weightloss Counselling and more... "The whole patient needs to be considered," she says, "not just part."

Outside of Greenhill Pharmacy, Heather also works at a Plastic Surgeons Office supporting patients through their procedures, and loves all aspects of health including practicing yoga and mindfulness.

Lillian Drinkwater


Lillian has been a Pharmacist with Greenhills PharmaChoice since 2007. She's is a local Lambeth resident and takes pride in being able to help people in the community where she lives. Each day brings new challenges that keep her excited and engaged in her work. Come by and let Lillian help you with your pharmacy and health-related needs today.

When Lillian isn't in the pharmacy she enjoys dinning out, and finding new restaurants to visit with her husband.